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The    Sanguine  Series

Stitched in Blood
Book One, The Sanguine Series

When Margaret and Rosie Jaye receive word of their sister Helen’s death, they journey to her former home, the isolated Blueford Estate. Upon arrival, the sisters investigate the web of lies surrounding Helen’s death — until Rosie disappears into the very walls of the house.

As Margaret searches for her missing sister, she makes a startling discovery: Adept with a needle and thread, she possesses a dark magic of her own. Her mysterious nature soon snares the attention of Helen’s widower, the brooding Captain Ford who seems more monster than man.

Now, Margaret must solve her sister’s disappearance and the unanswered questions of Helen’s death before she, too, is counted among the dead…

"intriguing tale of deceit, the supernatural and secrets,"
— in d'TAle (???? quote here?)

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