Witch's Kiss

Sparks fly when a spirited witch, a rakish highwayman, and a devoted sheriff
clash in the cozy village of Tanglewood. To make matters worst, the reigning

Lord Lockhart forbids witchcraft.
Can fiery Organa Silverstrand escape the stake?

Or will things heat up — in more ways than one?

Kiss and Spell (Book 1)

Organa casts a spell; Thaddeus steals a heart; Victor tracks a thief; A broomstick pitches a witch.

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Spellbound (Book 2)

Organa cleans house; Victor stays in bed; Thaddeus could use a bed; Nixie bakes a cake.

Misspelled (Book 3)

Organa raises a cock; Thaddeus cocks up; Victor gets cold-cocked ; The cat gets tongued.

Disenchanted (Book 4)

Organa loses her spark; Thaddeus goes looting; Victor gets ahead; Geoffrey's in a flap.

The Hex-Boyfriend (Book 5)

Organa shacks up; Thaddeus lutes up; Victor dresses up; Benedict kneads some buns.

The Big O (Book 6)

Organa stands trial; Thaddeus stands out; Victor takes a stand; Lord Lockhart sits tight.

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